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Episode 11- He’s All World

After a week off the Boys are back! Thank you to all our listeners who hung in there during our off week while we celebrated with our Boy Fels and Emily getting married! Episode 11 was recorded Sunday but due to uploading complications it took a couple days to upload. 


Josh and Joel start the podcast talking about the wedding and meeting a one of a kind guy Mike! He knew his sports and kept telling Josh and Joel they were "All World." After the wedding talk they get into the NBA Finals talk and why the Playoffs aren't the most exciting time of year for basketball anymore. After basketball talk they get into baseball. Baseball is helding into the long grueling summer part of the season and The Boys talk about who are the real contenders and who is going to fall out of the race. CHECK IT OUT!


The show will be back on tracking releasing on Sundays again start next week, thanks for all the support!


Episode 10- NBA Finals & Gronk’s 10 Minute Dance Party

The Boys are back and this week with the NBA Finals set, they talk about the match up and who they have winning. Now that we have a small sample size of the Celtics without IT what is the offseason gameplan for them. NFL OTAs are underway and Joel and Josh talk about Dak Prescott, Odell Beckham Jr and more including the new NFL overtime rules and touchdown celebration rules. 


Episode 9- LeBron’s Grandfather NBA’s Biggest Bust

The boys are back and talking about the NBA Draft Lottery. The Celtics are in the Eastern Conference Finals and got the number one overall pick. What should they do? Does Lonzo go to the Lakers? Josh and Joel look back at past drafts and who were the biggest draft day busts and steals. They wrap up with: LeBron is dominating the Eastern Conference again, would he be able to have the same success in the West? Check it out!


Episode 8: NASCAR Driver Ty Dillon Joins the Show

The Boys are back for Episode 8 & NASCAR Driver Ty Dillon joins the show! Josh and Ty recap the Panthers draft, NBA Playoffs and what the Braves need to do to get back to NL East dominance! 

Joel and Josh continue the show talking about NBA playoffs, James Harden choking and LaVar Ball and the effect it will have on Lonzo. We go over some of the biggest choke jobs in sports in recent history and Derek Jeter "The Captain" getting his number retired. Who is going to take his spot as the face of baseball and of the Yankees? Check it out! 


Episode 7- Please Rise for the Judge

The Boys are back for Episode 7. Josh and Joel talk about the success IT is having this season for the Celtics, debate if LeBron is the best ever and if it is fair to compare him to Jordan. They switch it up to talk about baseball and the Red Sox Orioles feud and rivalry this season. 

They wrap up the show with NFL talk. With the schedules being released and Vegas releasing the win total Over/Unders for each team, they talk about who will hit the number set by Vegas books! Check it out and be sure to rate and subscribe to The Box Seat Boys Podcast!


Episode 6- NFL Draft, NBA Playoffs & Triple Crown Discussion Rattle the House

The Boys are back with Episode 6 and they do not disappoint. The thunder rolling in the background, Josh and Joel talk about the first half of the NFL Draft, the NBA Playoffs and the New Era of players in the MLB. Josh makes a bold prediction for the end of the MLB season and they talk about the top players in baseball 25 and under. Check it out! 


Ruining your NFL Future 101- Josh’s Quick Hit #18

Class is in session and with the Draft hours away, Josh talks about the prospects who could have ruined their draft stock and possibly future in the NFL by acting a fool days and weeks before the draft! Check it out!


Episode 5- Drafting a Franchise QB When You Aren’t a Real Franchise

The Boys are back with Episode 5 and this show will be all NFL Draft talk. Josh and Joel talk about the top picks, players they want to see and who they would take. They wrap up the show with the billion dollar question... What do the Browns do and how do they get better, with 11 picks in the 2017 NFL Draft? Check it out! 


Run Support for Sale & Patient Panda- Josh’s Quick Hit #17

Josh talks about the new schedule for the Box Seat Boys. He gets into the Red Sox season and highlights the performances of Chris Sale and the issue with Panda being free swinging and how it could be hurting the Sox offense. 


Contact Play & Trouble in Beantown- Joelosophy Quick Hit #1

Joel releases his first quick hit podcast and hits the ground running with the contact play in baseball. He also discusses, are the Celtics in trouble against Chicago? Check it out!